Category: Peacebuilding and Mediation

Turkish Foreign Policy and The Qatar Crisis
Authors: Bülent Aras, Pınar Akpınar The recent shuttle diplomacy of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been yet another futile attempt to resolve the ongoing crisis between Qatar and the [...]
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From Benign Donor To Self-Assured Security Provider: Turkey’s Policy In Somalia
Author: Pınar Akpınar The opening of a Turkish military training base in Mogadishu by Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khyare and the Turkish Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar on [...]
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The Role of the Turkish State in Conflict Resolution
Author: Bülent Aras This paper aims to observe the role of the Turkish state in conflict resolution (CR). The validity of conflict resolution depends on implementing immediate or time-sensitive measures [...]
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State Capacity, Foreign/Security Policy and Political Crisis in Turkey: The Promise of Administrative Reform
Author: Bülent Aras The current crisis of Turkey’s foreign and security policy, and associated conflict resolution capability is to a considerable extent the result of the failure to accommodate the [...]
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Workshop Report Turkey’s Engagement in Africa’s Development
Author: Pınar Akpınar International HNGOs operate in a plural environment working to extend aid to developing countries. Recent literature on emerging humanitarianism unveils the roles of new actors in this [...]
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Conference Report Turkey and India as Global Development and Humanitarian Actors
Author: Pınar Akpınar Recent years, particularly the past decades, has witnessed the emergence of new actors as humanitarian agents in the international arena. Their activities have brought a new pulse [...]
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Workshop Report International Humanitarian NGOs and Health Aid
Authors: Pınar Akpınar, Bülent Aras Health has been an issue at the forefront of human life since the emergence of mankind. It has been one of the benchmark issues of [...]
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Workshop Report International Humanitarian NGOs and Emergency Aid
Authors: Pınar Akpınar, Bülent Aras The role of international humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in peacebuilding has been on the political and scholarly agendas for the last two decades. However, the [...]
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